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  • Wesley

    July 13, 2020 at 7:35 am

    Hey guys,

    Sarah noticed this bug the other day. Thought we’d bring it to light if you guys aren’t already aware.

    If you access a template via the asset class, normally there isn’t a, “create job,” option; however, if you click on preview (might be auto-preview) –> opt to place a tag –> stop preview, the option to create a job will appear. If the user decides to create a job right here, then a number of errors occur.

    1) It will throw an error saying that the Asset is different than the one currently placed (Asset ID will be XX-XXX).

    2) Even if you remove the current virtual QR code then attempt to, “place tag,” it will not allow you to do so. Scanning does allow you to place the desired tag, except you still won’t be able to access the job.

    3) The job will not appear on the job board in the HoloLens. It will appear in the web portal’s job board, however. I haven’t figured out if you can reassign the job/allow the user to actually work on it though, so right now it kind of just looks like an inaccessible job.


    Looking back at the hierarchy chart we discussed before, I’m guessing it has something to do with creating a job but somehow skipping over associating it with a proper asset beforehand? If we create a job from the asset window itself, there aren’t any problems.


    I’m not sure how to go about fixing it on the backend, but maybe an update to the search function could help remedy this such as a filter? For example: If someone were to search up the asset class name, they’d get both the asset and asset class as options to choose from. The unassuming user might click on asset class, trigger the bug, and accidentally create a job from here, which causes the issues above. Though, I suppose the user can avoid this by searching strictly the location or simply the asset serial number…


    In any case, we thought that we would bring this up to you guys and let you know. And hopefully my thoughts aren’t too off the mark.



    P.S. The web portal UI changes are quite nice. I like the active/inactive/in-repair/etc. at the top of “assets” and the version number in the bottom left are very welcome additions. Thought I’d take the time to highlight/appreciate them. 🙂

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