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  • Maureen

    April 29, 2022 at 9:35 am

    2.5 is now available for the Magic Leap 1 platform!

    The 2.5.115 release brings the Manifest 3D application for Magic Leap 1 up to date with the current HoloLens 2.5 release. This includes new features such as the Dashboard, redesigned Locations, Jobs, and Alerts, as well as major fixes for working offline. This also includes updated connection that will become required for compatibility with future server updates.

    For detailed 2.5 release notes, visit that update here.

    * Important! Clients with On-prem configurations must update their docker installation to v.2.5 to use the updated 2.5 releases on Manifest 3D and Manifest Web applications. Docker v. 2.5 can be downloaded here. More information on Installing and configuring a Manifest On-Prem Server can be accessed here.

  • Maureen

    June 6, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    Manifest 3D application – 2.5.5 release notes

    * Fixed an issue in which Working Together job step handoffs would not appear correctly in the group chat
    * Users who are not Operators now appear in the Connect list when selecting to call a user from the Step Marker
    * Fixed an issue where if a Job was created on the web and the 3D user was then invited, they would not be added to the group chat for the job
    * Fixed an issue where after inviting a user to the group chat, the icon to edit the users in the chat could disappear

    * Disabled the Welcome screen while in Offline mode
    * Fixed the Location window not working while in Offline mode

    * Team jobs now correctly show the team job icon in the list of recent activity

    * Fixed display issues with Meter listings in the Asset window
    * Fixed an issue where the Meter listings in the Asset window would not show the correct date
    * Fixed an issue where the dropdown arrow on Meters would appear even if there were no details to show in the dropdown
    * Fixed an issue where the Meter info could go outside of the box if the data was very long

    * 3D Models are no longer hidden when adjusting the tag
    * While on premises, the 3D client will no longer ping the global internet to determine connection status
    * Fixed an issue in which canceling an edit request on the web would not correctly hide the request prompt on the 3D device
    * Fixed an issue where the Open Faults filter on the Jobs window wasn’t working
    * Fixed an issue where the page count on the Assets tab of the Location window would not update correctly
    * Fixed an issue where hiding the dock while the Welcome screen was visible could cause visual corruption in the window when it is unhidden
    * Fixed an issue where minimizing the Welcome screen could cause visual corruption in the window when it is maximized again
    * Fixed an issue in which choice information could be not displayed correctly on resynched (or completed) offline jobs that had choices done while offline

    * Fixed an issue where devices set to a region using commas, rather than decimals, may cause a crash when interpreting 3D Model adjustments

  • Community

    August 4, 2022 at 8:19 am

    Manifest iPadOS 2.4.2 Release Notes
    Publish date: 29 July 2022


    • Added ability to Markup Photo Notes
    • Added support for OpenID SSO
    • Added support for Job Step Action Notes programmed to show a Model View. The app will now respect the configured Model View and rotate the model accordingly.


    • Added the ability to take Jobs with Choice Notes Offline
    • Various other fixes and improvements
  • Community

    August 4, 2022 at 8:23 am

    A new version of Manifest 3D for HoloLens 2 has just been released and includes a feature we’re all very excited about – remote rendering! Learn more about how to setup and take advantage of Azure Remote Rendering in Manifest.

    2.6 release notes:

    New Features

    • Azure Remote Rendering – Manifest 3D on HoloLens2 now supports the ability to remotely render large and complex models using Azure Remote Rendering services.

    Improvements & Bug Fixes

    • Added ability to add photos to a Bug Report

    • Updated the Notifications Manager with an option to report a bug from Error Messages

    • Fixed an issue where Asset Classes favorited on the Web application were not showing under Favorites for Manifest 3D

    • Fixed an issue where Choice Notes were not showing on Auto-Preview mode

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